Thursday, August 14, 2008

Say No to Cobb County

A military plane landed in Atlanta today with relief supplies for those folks in Georgia who were recently invaded by the Russian military. Condi Rice urged Dubya to exclude relief to those living in Cobb County, partly in retaliation for the anti-gay agenda prior to the 1996 Olympics within that county. No gold medals for Georgia in 2008 seemed to be the sentiment inside Atlanta's clock.

"Times have changed," Condi said. "Russia cannot invade Atlanta like it was Chekoslovakia in 1968. The good old USA will protect those Georgians who put family values first."

In other matters, Ann Coulter, appearing on *Ellen* reaffirmed her committment to Hillary over McCain. He is still in Chekoslovakia, she alleged. He doesn't spell it with a z either.

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