Sunday, July 26, 2009

On George Tiller

"He has killed more babies than he has saved," Mr Gietzen said of Mr Roeder. "I don't care how much fan mail he is getting."

(David Barston in "An Abortion Battle to the Death" in today's New York Times.)

Unfortunately The Sanctity of Life is trumped by the sanctity of the family unit and the sanctity of marriage. Acts of passion between married partners should be their business and acts of teenagers need to be looked at as sometimes tragic and reversible by the act of abortion.

I think it is one thing Bill Clinton had right. Abortion should be legal but rare. And adoption should be encouraged.


Gail said...

Hi= I saw you over at Comrade Kevin's and I really liked your comment about Free will". So I thought I would stop by and say hello, so, "Hello"


Mickbic said...

Hi Gail:

The material I posted was from IN SEARCH OF THE MIRACULOUS, a compilation of Gurjieff's ideas by P D Ouspensky. Gurdjieff was a little bit cultish and may have been a little abusive with his disciples. Some think Carlos Castaneda got some of his ideas from Gurdjieff.

I lie pretty low in the blogosphere. As far as I know you are the first post I got. I do not draw attention to my blog much.

Love and Peace to you.