Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Cinco de Mayo Death

To kill a living creature of any specie can be a cause of anguish. The last day of eleventh grade I killed a baby fawn with a Willys Jeep not far from my childhood home. It was lying in my path in a meadow I was driving in. I saw it too late to swerve. This morning I was in a half awake half asleep state on the floor in my attic loft bedroom when a large cockroach decided to bother me. That really got my goat and I attempted to kill him/her but he/she scurried along the floor near the dresser and hid behind a small waste basket. I turned on the light and quickly made an end of him with the fingers of my right hand. My brother in law was puzzled to see me come downstairs and wash my hands.

Apparently some feel that cockroaches are able to commit suicide. The late Pedro Pietri wrote a poem enitled A SUICIDE NOTE FROM A COCKROACH. I am fairly certain there has been a play written and produced of the same name. I think it is about an immigrant who eventually becomes a cockroach.

Generally I usually do not feel empathy for cockroaches, but today I wonder about their overall intelligence. Why bother someone much bigger than you when they are trying to sleep? Hopefully there is a heaven for cockroaches where they are treated like first class citizens. When googling suicidal cockroaches I got an ad for a pest control company. Can't let the creatures take over.

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