Friday, May 30, 2014

Morning Glory Zell Ravenheart (1948-2014)

I was not expecting to see an obituary in the New York Times for MGZR who died on May 13th, two weeks before her 66th birthday. Huffington Post ended up publishing a tribute to her.

MGZR coined the word polyamory in 1990. I first saw the word when I was browsing through an Asheville NC bookstore, perhaps in 1998 or 1999. I purchased a copy of LOVING MORE, a magazine devoted to polyamory. My study in the past of alternatives to monogamy entered a new phase. I subscribed for one year and enjoyed reading ads such as a couple with one child looking for a father for a second child and a man who wanted seven wives. Must have read Isaiah 4:1 and felt he had a mandate for polygyny. (As Lewis Grizzard used to say, that's in the Bible somewhere.)

Morning Glory really opened a Pandora's box with her new word. Then other words and acronyms came along, compersion, metamours, polyfidelity, NRE. FMF, get the idea.

Stanley Kurtz of the Hoover Institution weighed in on the subject. The Unitarian Universalist Association allowed poly folk to move a little closer to the campfire, sing cumbayah with the LGBTQI community, but it has not been too quick to give an endorsement.  Too busy trying to affirm gays, bi's, and transexxuals. Would they also have to affirm beastiality, pedophelia (sp?) and incest? UUA is also making a home for the BDSM community.

Two commentators about the 1960s quoted something from a 1930s author "you can't have both sexual freedom and greatness for more than one generation." Will Durant wrote that as a young man he liked the notion of freedom, but when he became an old man he felt that you had to have order if you wanted to have freedom. So those who wished to love more than one at a time, must seek to remove disorder from their lives, no easy task, n'est-ce pas?.

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