Thursday, September 10, 2009

Metaphor for Rapture

I made a comment at deeptruths dot com that nine eleven could be seen as the fulfillment of the Hebrew prophecy "for the spoiler shall suddenly come upon us." I have a brother who turned forty two on nine eleven, so tomorrow he reaches the half century mark. Forty two is interesting if nothing else. Don Kistler said it stood for the second coming of Jesus Christ, citing forty two months from the book of Daniel and the forty two generations in the gospel of Matthew.

There will continue to be metaphors for the second coming of Jesus Christ. It is interesting to note that others besides the late David Brandt Berg consider America to be the Babylon of the Book of Revelation. "Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy" intones an ultimate reality for the number forty two.

The half century mark? It could be the year of jubilee is just ending or just beginning. Take your pick.

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