Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Single Fifty Six Doubled

Fifty six years ago today my sister Ruth Elaine was born. Country singer Deborah Allen was also born that day. September 30th 1953 was the fifty sixth anniversary of the death of Saint Therese of Lisieux, patron saint of aviators, florists, AIDS victims, also of illness(es) and missions. Ruth died in 1991 of breast cancer, the same disease that claimed the life of Azelie, Saint Therese's mom. Ruth made it clear to me that she was somewhat haunted by the proverb "whoso curses his father and mother his lamp shall be put out." She was the mother of five sons, who spent a good deal of their childhood in the Children of God organization. Her son Jonathan has a current affiliation with that organization, which has had to overcome its own shadowy past of childhood sexual abuse and unlawful child custody.

Truman Capote was born in 1924 on September 30th. James Dean died on September 30th 1955 in an automobile accident. In 1993 a 6.4 earthquake rocked Southern India and claimed approximately 10,000 lives.

Here is a prayer of Saint Therese I like: "I implore Thee dear Jesus to send me humiliation whensoever I try to set myself above others." Amen.

An average pregnancy lasts about nine months. Being the last day of the ninth month of the year, September 30th is a good day to be born.

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