Friday, November 06, 2009

Sunset in Maine, Sunrise in Birmingham

This week was a sad week for the gay and lesbian community in Maine. There is some silver lining in the clouds, this time in Birmingham Alabama. Tomorrow Metro Church of God will be hosting the final conference of "Love Won Out," Focus on the Family/Exodus International's Road Show to help gays go straight, something not really recommended by the American Psychiatric Association.

Here is the description of one of the breakout sessions, "Answering Pro-Gay Theology:"
This session takes a look at the growing acceptance of homosexuality in the [get this] evangelical community and offers a clear biblical response to a revisionist theology that says homosexual behavior is not sinful.

Conference goers are encouraged to not seek sexual contacts and must wear wristbands at all times. This is in some contrast to a single parent function Focus on the Family sponsored in 1997 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. I was present and was seated where I would have a good chance of meeting a woman who lived right up the road. She had the same name as my dog and was just as shy around strangers as my lovely Leesha was.

Now if I can just unlearn some of my ingrained heterosexual habits. Oh well, I learned them along the way; surely I couldn't have been born straight just as no one was ever born gay.

Just think, pretty soon there will be no James Dobson to kick around. And it is not polite to talk about Ann Coulter's love life. It is probably not polite to remark that she is lanky either.

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